Gressette Pest Management specializes in providing high-quality Integrated Pest Management to commercial, industrial, and institutional clients. Our services include everything you need to comply with industry and regulatory requirements, while maintaining a pest-free environment.

If your current pest management provider is still providing your service with monthly indoor baseboard spraying, we need to talk!  That is a very outdated approach to pest controls that we have not used for well over a decade. Let's prevent the problem from getting inside.

Foodservice and Food Processing Pest Control

Gressette Pest Management provides pest control to food manufacturing plants, restaurants and other foodservice facilities, supermarkets and grocery stores, bakeries, breweries, and other food-related businesses, including AIB, USDA and FDA facilities.

We're experts in providing effective IPM as well as helping you to comply with any regulatory and/or third party auditing group mandates. All services are performed in strict compliance with all relevant regulations and to the highest IPM standards in the industry.

We also have a quality program for commercial kitchens for the prevention and remedial control of small flies (drain, fruit & phorid flies). This program does not rely on your staff to provide the large amount of sanitation and structural repairs that's needed for the control procedures to work. We can do it for you if that best meets your needs!

School IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

IPM is the standard for school pest control in the United States — and rightfully so. School IPM emphasizes inspection, monitoring, exclusion, trapping, and non-chemical pest prevention techniques, using carefully selected pesticides only when needed and only when applied in a manner, which minimizes or eliminates human exposure. Using School IPM, it's not at all unusual for a school to not require any pesticide treatments at all on most visits.

Gressette Pest Management is proud to be a leader in School IPM in the state of South Carolina. We treat every school as if our own children were enrolled there. We'll provide the quality service and attention to detail that parents, staff, and students have the right to expect and demand.

Hospitality Businesses

Whether you run a hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, or any other kind of hospitality establishment, you know that a single roach sighting or bedbug bite can undo your reputation and the years of work you invested in building it. But at the same time, the very nature of the hospitality industry creates unique pest problems, along with substantial challenges to treating those problems in an inconspicuous way that doesn't scare away the guests.
Don't worry. We're experts at providing pest management services to hospitality establishments. The same experience that makes us Orangeburg's experts in IPM in other sensitive environments has taught us a few tricks about providing effective, inconspicuous pest control services to hospitality businesses.

Warehouses, Offices and Professional Suites

Gressette Pest Management provides a wide variety of custom pest management solutions for commercial buildings and professional office suites. We understand that businesses have unique requirements, and that pest control services should enhance your business, not distract you from it. That's why we make it a point to design and perform commercial pest control services around the client's schedule, with the needs of your business foremost in our minds.